27 / 03 / 2020

ECARF Certified Air Purifiers

ECARF Certified Air Purifiers

All Inventor air purifiers have been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation – ECARF.

What is the ECARF?

ECARF is an independent foundation of scientists and technicians with presence in over 30 countries that checks products and services based on strict criteria and grants the quality stamp to those whose use does not in any way cause allergies.

What is the quality stamp?

It is the written guarantee confirming the highest quality of Inventor air purifiers. Meeting all the high standard criteria for ECARF certification, fully hypoallergenic, providing a substantial upgrade in the air quality, removing various allergens and pathogenic microorganisms.

This certification is especially important for our products as it is the written guarantee for all inventor air purifiers. Fulfilling all criteria to obtain the ECARF quality shield as completely hypoallergenic appliances, they guarantee the significant upgrade of the atmosphere in every home they are placed and relief those who suffer from allergies, removing allergens and malicious microorganisms that basically derive from them.