What is Hotel Menu;

Hotel Menu is a group of specifically designed air condition's functions to reduce energy consumption and improve their efficiency, at hotels. A special menu on the remote control gives the ability to adjust easily the basic settings of every air conditioners in hotel. Saving up to 70% more energy and ensuring the proper operation of them.
Hotel Menu allows the administrator to set, from 17°C to 24°C for cooling and from 25°C to 30°C for heating. (EXAMPLE: Administrator can set as minimum allowed cooling temperature 24°C. That means that even if a hotel's customer chooses a lower temperature than the allowed, air-condition unit will continue its function at 24°C) In this way hotel's customer does not have the permission to choose extreme higher or lower temperatures for cooling and heating.
The air condition is locked at the lower temperature as it is programmed and even if a customer tries to lower the temperature more than the specified, this is impossible. With this function could be saved up to 70% energy.
The Hotel Menu, thanks to the filter replacement reminder, ensures the best air quality both for you and the room tenants. The most important benefit though derives from the fact that a clean air conditioner consumes significantly less energy than one not properly maintained.
Air-condition’s remote control offers multiple additional functions which allow customers to enjoy ideal conditions in their room. Auto-restart block cool air while heating, room's temperature adjustment and memorization of air-condition's blinds direction, can ensure the high quality of the produced air from the air-condition unit for the hotel's customers.
Wi-Fi technology’s main advantage is the ability that gives to administrator, to have live connection with air condition units. Live connection, offers the convenience of enabling or disabling units, checking the temperature or controlling functions of air conditioners without the physical presence of administrator.
Using this controlling system easily and without cost could provide to your company not only cost reduction due to energy reduction of the time limitation which the air conditions will operate, but also could be time effective because all the information about the air condition units would be live through your tablet or smartphone.

Specifically, the main properties are the below:

- Controlling ON-OFF of air conditioners (one by one or all together)
- Adjusting rooms' temperature and lock temperature level, in order to prevent units from extreme cooling or heating temperatures.
- Time switch, to pre-cool or pre-heat rooms.
All the above properties provides convenience to the administrator, because the air conditioners could be adjusted based on the hotel's customer needs by the most efficient way. In order for Hotel Menu Pro to be connected with central control and room's card with air condition units, a board installation is necessary. Of course the control menu does not repeal the other Hotel Menu functions and Wifi. You could use whatever function you prefer every time to succeed the most optimal air condition units' operation with the lower cost!

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