Air Purifier with 4 air filtration stages for an ultimately healthy atmosphere!

  • 4 filtration stages that effectively remove allergens, hair and any trace of dust from the air
  • Silent mode allows you to enjoy ultimate conditions of comfort and relaxation
  • The powerful HEPA filter offers a healthy environment free of dust and microorganisms
  • Air quality indicator for a facilitated diagnosis of the needs in your place

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Enjoy superior air quality in your space thanks to the sensors in the device. The PM2.5 sensor detects the suspended microparticles present in the atmosphere and the Light sensor helps to inform the level of brightness in the room. Thus, the unit knows at all times the conditions prevailing in the space, always offering you fresh air.

Due to the three sensors of the device, all information regarding the air quality and the brightness is collected, and, as a result the operation of the air purifier is adjusted accordingly. By pressing on the touch screen the automatic function, the purifier can, if necessary, change the fan speed, in order to better respond to the room conditions, providing fresh air. Enjoy the comfort and carefree usage of the device while at the same time save energy by avoiding any unnecessary use.

Choose one of the four available fan speeds and create the ideal conditions of a perfectly clean atmosphere in correlation with the needs of your place.

Protect the unit by keeping filters clean thanks to the function filter cleaning reminder. The indication will notify you every time that filter cleaning is required, contributing to the efficient operation of the device and increasing its lifetime cycle.

Activating the lock function, the children are not able to operate the appliance or change any of its functions, when not supervised.

Organize with accuracy the operational period of the dehumidifier with the 8-hour timer and avoid the needless use of the device.

  • QLT-300
  • Speeds 4
  • Reps per minute (min / max) 470 / 920 rpm
  • Power Consumption (per fan speed) 4 / 6 / 11 / 19 W
  • CADR 300 m³ / h
  • Noise Level (per fan speed) 29 / 30 / 39 / 45 / 50 db(A)
  • Airflow Volume (per fan speed) 149 / 217 / 278 m³ / h
  • Air Filtration Capacity H11 - 97,5%
  • Room Coverage up to 45 / 135 m² / m³
  • Filtration Stages 4 + Ionizer
  • Sensors (PM2.5/VOC/Light) YES
  • Net Weight 7.2 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 387x247x571 mm
  • Timer 8-Hour

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