V7FSI-24 Floor Standing Unit for comfort and perfect temperature all year-round!

  • Wi-Fi mode for creating smart scenarios that suit your needs
  • Perfect temperature control for ultimate comfort
  • Aqua Ionizer for clean air and a healthier environment
  • Silent operation for peace and relaxed atmosphere
  • Turbo mode for extreme cooling and heating performance

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Benefit from your air conditioners’ ability to greatly distribute the air throughout the room and enjoy the temperature you desire in every spot of the place.

Ensure even distribution of air in all directions and cover even the most difficult parts of the room. The design of the series of air conditioners allows both horizontal and vertical movement of the blinds. Carefree & enjoy absolute comfort in every part of your home.

Triple Action Filter with Vitamin C, Silver Ion and Cold Catalyst protects your skin and improves the air.

The self-cleaning feature cleans the indoor unit effectively, removing dust, pollen, and microorganisms that accumulate from air conditioning use. Additionally, it diminishes excess moisture within the indoor unit generated during cooling mode. To maintain peak performance and ensure proper maintenance, it's best to conduct internal cleaning every month.

Avoid possible weather disasters in places that are not heated during the winter, in the most economical way. Turn on the 10°C function and the air conditioner will heat the room as needed, keeping the temperature constant at 10°C. Protect the items in your space and ensure low consumption with maximum energy savings during the winter.

With the Sleep Mode, the air conditioner adjusts the room temperature for perfect sleeping conditions and great energy savings.

After setting the desired temperature, the unit will automatically adjust its operation in order to keep stable the temperature you have set.

Indoor fan speed is regulated automatically from the lowest grade to the setting grade according to the evaporator temperature when the unit starts heating operation.

Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

Once abnormal operation or parts failure happens, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.

Indoor unit will show error code “EC” and will stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected.

The fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units as well as the compressor have been upgraded to All DC Inverter technology. In this way, the compressor can change the capacity depending on the needs of the indoor atmosphere and create perfect conditions in your space.

  • V7FSI-24 / V7FSO-24
  • Cooling Capacity 24.570 (3.072 - 30.374) Btu / h
  • Cooling Capacity 7.2 (0.9 - 8.9) kWatt
  • Heating Capacity 27.302 (3.072 - 35.834) Btu / h
  • Heating Capacity 8.0 (0.9 - 10.5) kWatt
  • EER 3.23
  • COP 3.7
  • Seasonal Efficiency (In accordance
    to ΕΝΗ825)
  • Pdesign 7.2 kW
  • Energy Class A++
  • SEER 7.0
  • Seasonal Efficiency (In accordance
    to ΕΝΗ825)
    Heating Middle Zone
  • Pdesign 5.5 kW
  • Energy Class Α+
  • SCOP 4.0
  • Seasonal Efficiency (In accordance
    to ΕΝΗ825)
    Heating Warm Zone
  • Pdesign 4.7 kW
  • Energy Class A+
  • SCOP 4.2
  • Voltage / Frequency / Phase 220-240/50 / 1 V / Hz / Ph
  • Current Input - Cooling 14.5 Α
  • Current Input - Heating 17.5 Α
  • Power Input - Cooling 3.3 kW
  • Power Input - Heating 4.0 kW
  • Air Flow Volume - Indoor Unit (High/Medium/Low) 1350 / 1000 / 900 m³ / h
  • Air Flow Volume - Outdoor Unit 3.600 m³ / h
  • Noise Level - Indoor unit (Low/Medium/High) 28 / 35 / 39 / 43 dB (A)
  • Noise Level - Outdoor unit 56 dB (A)
  • Sound Power Level - Indoor/Outdoor unit 64 / 69 dB (A)
  • Power Supply Wire Outdoor / Fuses 3x4.0 / 1x25 No x mm² / Α
  • Power Supply Wire Indoor / Fuses - No x mm² / Α
  • Signal Wires 4x1.5 No x mm²
  • Dimensions WxDxH - Indoor unit 408x435x1810 mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH - Outdoor unit 890x340x705 mm
  • Net Weight - Indoor / Outdoor 26.5 / 43.5 kg
  • Liquid line | Gas line 1/4'' | 1/2''
  • Refrigerant / Charge R32/1500 g
  • Outdoor Operation Temperature Range - Cooling/Heating -10~43/-10~24 °C

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