Ducted V4MDI-100 Incredible performance and maximum comfort!

  • Adjustment of static pressure and air supply
  • Flexibility and energy savings thank to the Remote On/Off installation
  • Error Alarm Port for safety and efficient operation
  • Absolute control of the device with the Central Control Management
  • Smart sensor for ideal conditions

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Complete your connected products portfolio by integrating Inventor air conditioners into your BMS (Building Management System). Create an integrated ecosystem that includes air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, and security systems, fully alignment with your building's needs. Enjoy quick, easy, and efficient management of all these different systems through central management and achieve optimum efficiency and comfort in your building. *Requires separate purchase of connection kit

Take the whole control of you unit! Thanks to the error code that will appear if an error occurs, you can always be safe and sure for the appropriate and most efficient operation of your air conditioner.

Error Alarm Port

The outdoor unit’s special design produces an efficient and effective cooling operation even at -15°C.

Low Ambient Cooling

Excellent heating performance even at the most demaning regions with low temperature levels. Ensure the prefered temperature conditions, even at -15°C and enjoy ideal conditions in your place.

Excellent Heating Performance Under -15°C

This feature refers to the reduced noise emissions in order to achieve a pleasant and comfortable unit operation. The special design of the indoor unit offers excellent performance at the lowest noise level, so that to enjoy ideal conditions of absolute silence.

This function gives you a boost in cooling and heating power for a period and makes the room cool down or heat up rapidly.

Turbo Mode

Once abnormal operation or parts failure happens, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

Auto Error Diagnosis

If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.

Auto Restart

The fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units as well as the compressor have been upgraded to All DC Inverter technology. In this way, the compressor can change the capacity depending on the needs of the indoor atmosphere and create perfect conditions in your space.

All DC Inverter

Engage the lock function to prevent anyone from changing the settings or children playing with the unit.

  • MODEL V4MDI-100 / U4MRT-100
  • Cooling Capacity 95.536 (28.661-105.090) Btu / h
  • Cooling Capacity 28.0 (8.4-30.8) kWatt
  • Heating Capacity 107.478 (32.243-118.226) Btu / h
  • Heating Capacity 31.5 (9.45-34.65) kWatt
  • EER 3.11
  • COP 3.71
  • Voltage/Frequency/Phase 380-415/50/3 V / Hz / Ph
  • Current Input 16 Α
  • Power Input - Cooling 9.00 kW
  • Power Input - Heating 8.50 kW
  • Air Flow Volume - Indoor Unit (Min/Max) 3.000/4.800 m³ / h
  • Air Flow Volume - Outdoor Unit 9.800 m³ / h
  • Outdoor Static Pressure 0-150 Pa
  • Noise Level - Indoor unit
    49/52 db(A)
  • Noise Level - Outdoor unit 59 db(A)
  • Power Supply Wire Outdoor / Fuses 5x4.0 / 3x20 No x mm² / Α
  • Power Supply Wire Indoor / Fuses 3x2.5 / 1x20 No x mm²
  • Signal Wires 3x0.75 No x mm²
  • Dimensions - Indoor Unit
    1.470x775x512 mm
  • Dimensions - Outdoor Unit
    1.120x528x1.558 mm
  • Net Weight - Indoor/Outdoor Unit 83/148 kg
  • Liquid Line |Gas Line 3/8" | 1"
  • Refrigerant/Charge R410A/7.200 g
  • Operation Temperature Range -
    -15-48 / -15-24 °C

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