Refrigerators Bottom Freezer

Refrigerators Bottom Freezer of large capacity are the ideal solution for the impeccable preservation of your food supplies and promise to become an integral part of your kitchen due to their upgraded features that completely adapt to your eating habits and offer comfort & precision!
Their A++ high energy class ensures excellent performance and maximum energy savings along with Total No Frost function that eliminates frost formation and achieves cooling even faster. Thanks to the metal preservation back that ensures proper temperature within the preservation chamber your food remain fresh for a longer period of time while the temperature control and zero temperature drawers protect sensitive food. In addition, thanks to the digital control with touch screen placed on the appliance’s door, you can precisely define the conditions that will keep the food fresh, with a simple touch.
All the above are accompanied with a 2 year warranty that ensures both excellent performance and longer operation of the appliances, even at the most demanding conditions!