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International expansion

After establishing its position as a leading player in the Greek market with a strong brand and a solid product portfolio, the company shifted its operations also in the international markets

5 years later, the company achieved a significant number of contacts and co-operations all over the world. Inventor A.G. S.A. can be now proud of 150 active international customers in more than 50 countries globaly

Continuous growing international sales pushed the management to establish a company subsidiary in Romania. The affiliate company was the spearhead for all international sales, not only in the Balkans but also in many more countries worldwide

Finally, in an effort to closely monitor the production and the global distribution of our units we have founded a branch of our company in China. We consider this step to offer limitless expansion possibilities as we can now organize in excellence our international sales

Created by the largest Air Conditioner manufacturers globally, Inventor units enjoy a sound reputation of exceptional quality and outstanding performance

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